Normandy guided D-Day tours, visit the D-Day landing beaches with us!


Why choose us for your D-Day Tour?

Why Bayeux Sightseeing Tours…….?

We can give you a million reasons why you should choose Bayeux Sightseeing Tours, but we want to keep it brief. We only take small groups, up to a maximum of 8 people. This because we want to keep it as personal as possible. We have a lot of ground to cover if you want to see it all. Larger groups will stretch the visits at the sites and you would not be able to see as much as with our max 8-person groups! You will have an English speaking guide.

Over the years we met numerous veterans and will share a lot of their Normandy invasion stories with you. We will spend all day with you, including guidance through the Airborne museum in Sainte Mère Église. Most guides will give you an hour in there and disappear. Not Bayeux Sightseeing Tours…… we will guide you through this unique museum explaining what you see and how it was used during the D-Day invasion.

SONY DSCAt the sites Bayeux sightseeing Tours has its, by customers, highly appreciated presenter with pictures of how it was during the Normandy invasion back in 1944. These pictures give you a good reference on how it was on D-Day whilst actually standing at the same spot right now! At the landing beaches we will hand over one of our bottles to collect some sand that you can take home as a souvenir, free of charge and comes with the package.

Bayeux sightseeing Tours is not the biggest company in the world, again your advantage. It makes us flexible and able to make sure you will experience the highlight of your holiday! No 9 to 5 mentality as we are passionate about this literally history changing event.

Choose Bayeux Sightseeing Tours for the highlight of your holiday!

Mission statement of Bayeux Sightseeing Tours; “offering our customers safety, comfort and sharing knowledge, experiencing the highlight of their holiday”!

Listening to our customers………… is where it’s all about!

Talking to our customers, I learned that they would like to pay using a credit card and an easy way to book a tour in the timeframe they choose, besides of course a passionate guide. Not sending endless e-mails for booking a tour. There are quite a few passionate guides in Normandy, but none of them offer these facilities like Bayeux sightseeing Tours does now. We are now able to offer you a tour and online booking system that will suit you! From private tours for people who want to have a guide for a day on their own, to economical interestingly priced shared group tours. All possible to book online in real time and by secure online payment using Paypal. With this Bayeux Sightseeing Tours is open 24/7 and you decide which moment of the day you want to book a tour joining Bayeux Sightseeing Tours.

We are looking forward having you on our tour…………!

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