Normandy guided D-Day tours, visit the D-Day landing beaches with us!


Our transportation

You will be very comfortable joining Bayeux Sightseeing Tours in our spacious 9-seater van (guide + a maximum of up to 8 D-Day enthusiasts). As Bayeux Sightseeing Tours want to keep her groups small and as personal as possible, Bayeux Sightseeing Tours does not operate the 18-seaters or even larger vehicles!

  • On board PA system. While on the move towards the invasion beaches, we will give lots of information about D-Day, the area, and tell you personal stories of veterans we met over the years. Of course you will have plenty of time to ask your Bayeux Sightseeing Tour guide questions, which we are happy to answer if we can. Bayeux Sightseeing Tours uses an on board PA system; wherever you are seated, everyone will be able to hear what we are saying.

Of course safety first! Bayeux Sightseeing Tours meets all European legal standards and requirements.


We do not have room for your luggage, to store or take it during the tour, other than our private tours.

  • Unfortunately we are only able to take foldable wheelchairs on our transportation.
  • Booster seats are available for children under 8 years old (legal requirement). We will only take children under 8 years old on our private tours.
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