Normandy guided D-Day tours, visit the D-Day landing beaches with us!

Utah beach 1944 in color

Private D-Day tour starting from your cruise ship terminal

Bayeux Sightseeing Tours can show you the ‘highlights” of D-Day, or whatever you want to see, and all possible in one day. This is a tour for people arriving by cruise ship and will meet your schedule.  Others will NOT be able to join this tour too. Groups up to a maximum of 8 people per vehicle! Bayeux Sightseeing Tours deliberately keeps her groups small for maximum personal contact and to have enough time to show you everything we promise. This way we also will be able to answer all your questions. If your interest is Band of Brothers or Airborne in general, this will be an excellent choice too. Even the biggest history buff will like this D-Day tour!


Visit our “itinerary of our tours” page for more detailed information.

 Details of this tour

  • Full day tour (if possible with your schedule) with an English speaking guide.
  • Flexible itinerary. You can discuss with us what you would like to see. Bayeux Sightseeing Tours can show you the “highlights,” like our full day shared tour, or more in depth picking specific spots.

Suggested itinerary

    • Sainte-Mère Église
    • Infamous hedgerow countyside
    • Monument at Lt Meehan’s crashsite (Band of Brothers)
    • Gen. Leclerc Monument
    • Utah Beach
    • Dick Winters’ Leadership Memorial
    • Sainte Marie du Mont
    • Angoville au Plain
    • Deadman’s Corner
    • Purple Heart lane
    • Pointe du Hoc
    • Omaha Beach
    • Normandy American Cemetery
  • Besides the highlights, possible other interesting places to visit are:
    • La Fiere bridge / Iron Mike Monument / Caugaigny church and Glider Infantry Monument / Charles deGlopper Monument, MOH recipient / General Falley’s ambush side
    • Crisbecq gun battery
    • Carentan / Col Cole Bayonet charge Monument / E co 506th PIR route into Carentan
    • La Cambe, German Cemetery
    • “Big Red One” Monument / WN 62 (WN=WiederstandsNest or in English “strongpoint”) / WN 60 where Maj. Werner Pluskat saw the invasion fleet coming towards him
  • Pick up and drop off time flexible.


  • Internal PA system, so while on the move we are able to give you lots of additional information. Audible for everyone, wherever you are seated.
  • Free onboard WIFI.


Cherbourg: 750 Euros from 1 up to 8 people in your group.

Sunday surcharge 50 Euro for tours on Sunday’s and national holidays

Le Havre or Honfleur: We do not do tours from here anymore.

Lunch and museum fee, not included. Prices are not per person!

If you want to share your tour with others, you can put it on Cruise Critic. Most of the time this gives good results. You have to do this yourself as we are not accepted on their site as a professional business.

D-Day tours from your cruise ship terminal

D-Day tours from your cruise ship terminal

René Van Oirschot • September 5, 2016

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